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Best Backyard Entertaining in Sacramento

What good is a backyard that is dull and hardly used? A backyard must be a fun place where you can do fun things. Pacific Landscapes offers services that will help you transmute your boring backyard into an extraordinary space. We want you to enjoy your backyard or garden, and we will do anything to give you that!


The kitchen is one of the places in the house that is used most in the. It is the heart of any household. Thus, it must be meticulously planned and designed keeping in mind numerous factors such as ventilation, flooring, lighting, plumbing, sinks & faucets, and much more; because these factors directly affect your comfort and accessibility in the kitchen. Our team that has been a face for many projects since two decades now offer a complete range of services for your kitchen.


Fireplaces are one of the most crucial things in the house. In winters, it is mandatory to have one to stay nice and warm. A fireplace also adds a sense of sophistication and value to your household. The radiant, luminous glow of the fireplace and the sating aroma it exudes is often a sign of a home that is comfortable and serene. It is a must addition to your home, and it not only keeps you warm but also adds thousands of dollars to its property value. We can help you with installing a new fireplace or just remodeling it if you already have one. Our team has worked on many similar projects, and this should be a small task for us. What you get out of this is the best fireplace you can ever get at an unmatched price!


Firepits are one of the fastest growing trends. The ambiance they produce in a garden or a backyard is often a mesmerizing spectacle. Our outdoor firepits come in multitudinous of shapes and sizes; they are no more a boring classic round shaped. We also offer you options that enable you to customize your firepit as per your liking! Our team will carefully analyze your garden or yard and then recommend you a perfect spot to install a fire pit. This will help you manage your garden or yard better, and effectively use the fire pit for any occasion.


Cooking isn’t only limited to the kitchen. When there were no kitchens, people still used to cook! Moreover, in this urban life, you can always go old-school and cook in your backyard or garden. Pacific Landscape offers services that can help you install, in your yard, a fantastic BBQ grill. Make a steak, roast a turkey; you can do it all right outside your house. Why order hotel food when you can cook it at home, all by yourself?

We can help you have fun while you are barbequing. We also offer services for outdoor theatre or home theatre installation to let you sit back, enjoy your meal while watching a movie under the open sky!

Moreover, to take the backyard fun one step further, we can also install one of the most fun thing to do - a Horseshoe pit. We even provide you various sand options such as loose dirt, clay or synthetic compositions so that you can get the exact horseshoe pit you have always imagined!

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