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Deck materials are available in a variety of materials, natural wood, pressure treated wood, and composite materials are all possibilities a homeowner needs to consider for their deck. Obviously there are advantages to each, and each has its limitations. Manufactured decking, which is generally a composite of wood and a plastic, comes in a variety of colors, wood grains and profiles. This material has minimal maintenance and is the choice of many homeowners. It should be noted that the underlying deck structure is built with pressure treated wood for any of the decking surfaces mentioned. This is required for strength, rigidity, and long life.
Trex Decking: This decking is the composite material most often used for deck and patios. It has the longest history of use and experience has shown its durability and adaptability. We know the quality of the product and the care the manufacturer uses in its production specifications. Trex also shows its environmental concerns by using recycled materials in the manufacture of its decking. Advantages of Trex Composite Decking include: No cracking, rotting or splitting, no need for sealants, protected from UV rays, surface is slip resistant, no damage from insects, water or sun, a ll Trex decking is available in grain or smooth and a variety of colors such as the new Brasila which has the look of IPE and the durability and low maintenance of composite materials.

Wood Decking: Decking made of natural wood has a beauty unmatched by other materials but has regular maintenance requirements. Cedar, Mahogany, and Iron Wood (IPE) as a decking surface, also requires some maintenance on a regular basis. Each of those materials can be stained to the owners color preference. 

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