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Pacific Landscapes are notable for building beautiful, robust and practical outdoor spaces that can transform your lives. Our decks and patios are continually changing the way you think about outdoor lifestyle. Pacific Landscapes are happy to create breath-taking decks and patios that are custom tailored to the needs and concepts of the clients. Doesn’t matter the conditions or the location of your house, Pacific Landscapes are fully competent in building a deck or a patio of your dreams. Alternatively, we can also repair if you have one already and make it better than new!

Wood Decks

Getting a wooden deck is a smart choice. They can be an excellent addition to your property as they are strong and look great. They add a touch of royalty and an organic feel to your property. They also act as a perfect transition from a natural landscape to your house. There is a plethora of option when it comes to wooden decks such as Pine treated by pressure, Cedar and many more. They are perfect for entertaining and offer a rich and an elegant look to your house. Wood decks and patios have a natural resistance to moisture and any insect infestation keeping them just as new for a long time! Pacific Landscapes not only installs a new deck or a patio but also undertakes maintenance tasks for the same. We want you to give you the best decks and patios, and if you already have one, we will restore it to its best!


There is no better than the industry leaders Trex when it comes to composite decks. When we think of giving the best for you, no other option comes to our minds; we tend to use the best materials for the best possible outcome. Composite decks have myriads of benefits such as:

  • They do not fade and last a long time
  • They seldom mold or weaken
  • They never catch any infestation
  • They are always low in maintenance


Concrete decks or patios are the sturdiest! They offer you durability, reliance, and a much better look! They are stronger than all other kinds of decks and patios such as wood, composite, etc. and can withstand tremendous forces. They seldom need any repairs or retouching and can last longer than forever!


Pacific Landscapes can install several types of pavers. From simple concrete blocks to interlocking bricks, we give you a pavement that looks and feels fantastic. We have multiple paver options that give you a smart choice. They are just as easy to plow and can be repaired quickly and at a very generous cost. We ensure that the pavers we install are of a proper thickness for your needs and are installed as per the standard installation guidelines. At Pacific Landscapes, we follow every single rule from the book to give you a product that is everlasting and works just as it is supposed to.

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