FAQ - Pacific Landscapes
Interview your prospective landscaper carefully and ask key questions. What is his reputation in the community? How long has your contractor been in business and what is his experience? Are you comfortable that your property will be treated with dignity and respect? Is the company licensed? Will they protect your home with workman’s compensation insurance and liability insurance? At Pacific Landscapes, customer service is the first and foremost requirement for our entire staff.
There are many factors that make up an estimate. Compare each estimate and be sure they share a common set of features (designing can help establish your project budget). Many of the important factors that affect the cost are not visible on a printed estimate such as craftsmanship, quality of materials, design, underground strength and durability, customer service, prompt construction and outstanding warranties. If these items are important to you, then Pacific Landscapes should be your contractor. Remember, good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good.
As the adage goes,”You get what you pay for”. Often landscapers will entice you with a super low cost landscaping project to grab your attention then at the end of the project the cost between a great job and a poor job was very little. Depend on your Pacific Landscapes professional to help you determine a budget and secure financing that works for you. We will then design your landscaping to fit those needs and give you quality you can depend on. Landscaping is an investment that should be built to last the lifetime of your home.
Yes, this is an important first step in the success of your project. We understand that our design must meet your needs and we have the experience to design a landscape that entertains your family and friends, reflects your unique style and, comforts you with a place to retreat from the hectic lives you keep. A Pacific Landscapes designer will set up a meeting at your home to discuss your interests and budget. With just a few of your ideas and how you intend to use the space we can provide you with the perfect landscaping design for you. Prior to the first meeting, you may want to browse through our services gallery to get some ideas.
We work with some of the best landscape architects and designers in our community, and have great respect for their work. We will continually consult with your designer to ensure that your vision is created for you.
Good builders like Pacific Landscapes can construct landscaping in all sizes and shapes of yards. Our expert design and engineering staff will handle the most challenging properties. You will be surprised and pleased with our innovative ideas to bring your dreams to life. Before you give up on that small yard or hillside location, Contact Us for design advice today! Our expertise and judgment are free!
Technology changes at unbelievable speed in all phases of our lives and landscaping projects are no exception. Innovative water saving options, lighting, remote controls, patio covers and many other options are available to make your landscaping more enjoyable. You can also enhance your project with waterfalls, tot and children play areas, fountains, water features similar to the ones shown in the Water Features area of our gallery. Tell us what you would like to do...and we can show you how to do it. If you would like some ideas, please visit with our design staff for inspiration.
Our staff can assist you with great financing such as 6 months the same as cash packages or enjoy your new landscaping today with affordable monthly payments. The design and installation of a landscape is a "home improvement" and most financial institutions are anxious to loan money for this type of investment. Another consideration regarding financing is the probability that all of the interest costs on the loan will be tax deductible expenses which helps to reduce the actual cost of the investment. When completed, your landscape project will add substantial value to your property and an asset when you decide to sell your home.
Warranties are very important! You should always ask for and compare the warranties when requesting estimates from builders. At Pacific Landscapes, we are confident in the product we build and we offer a warranty that backs up our confidence. Anyone can offer a "warranty" but you need to be certain that they will be here to honor that warranty if the need should ever arise. Remember that a warranty is only as good as the company that issues it. Pacific Landscapes has been building dreams since 1988 and will be for many years to come. We build our projects to last and we will be here to stand behind your project.
No. Over the past 20 years we have built a staff and system that can address all of your needs. Our focus is to bring the best landscaping to you and we can best deliver that when we can control the quality and timing of the project.
Depending on the season, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Of course the size and complexity of a project can change the length of the construction process. Pacific Landscapes builds landscaping year-round, regardless of the weather. You can benefit from a patio before the mud and rain of winter, and avoid the summer heat with a patio cover. However, the best time to landscape is before spring. This allows you to have your landscaping done by the first pleasant days… and gives your family the opportunity to enjoy all of the seasonal colors.
Never! Even experts encounter challenges during landscape construction. Years of experience, knowledge and training will lead to wise solutions which will give a good finished product. At Pacific Landscapes we can offer efficient buying power, swift construction and coordination with all crews so that you have no hassles, no headaches and no cost overruns. Be assured that equipment suppliers and subcontractors will charge you more, as an owner-builder, than the actual value of the work. Insurance and liability are an enormous and an unnecessary risk that you assume when you build your own landscaping. If the people working on your project do not carry current workers’ compensation insurance, you as the homeowner & employer must meet this insurance requirement. In addition to the workers’ compensation insurance, an owner-builder also needs to carry liability insurance. Unfortunately, there is little or no protection against defects and future lawsuits if the landscaping is built incorrectly. With Pacific Landscapes you are the winner with an outstanding well-built, guaranteed project every time.
With proper planning, maintaining your landscaping is easy. It’s important that your landscaping is planned with the correct plants and the right amount of ground covers, such as lawn. We also design and install synthetic lawns to eliminate mowing all together! Location is important, installing the wrong plants in the wrong place will lead to oversized trees or concrete damage or too much sun exposure that will lead to poor growth. Our staff will choose the best plants, materials and technologies that make enjoying your landscaped yard a breeze.
We realize this looks like lots of steps to keep track of and you will have questions. Your Pacific Landscapes project manager will work closely with you and keep you informed of what is happening every step of the way, from beginning to end.
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