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Certain things are vital for you in your daily life; like irrigation systems. Because that is what makes your life easy and keeps your shrubbery flourished. We offer the following irrigation systems to keep your garden green and fresh.

Drip Irrigation

This system is the most widely used systems in the world. Drip irrigation systems function by dripping water right on to the plants. It does it slowly which provides a constant supply of water to the plants and soil keeping them moisturized without using too much water. This system also makes fertilization super easy. To install the drip irrigation system on your landscape, we are the best you can get. Our team of skilled professionals evaluates your landscape meticulously and then recommends the best way to go installing drip irrigation. If you want to save water and keep your garden or landscape lush-green at the same time without using much water, then this is your way.

Channel Drains

Tired of waterlogging on your landscape? Well, here is the perfect solution for you. Pacific Landscapes can install channel drains in your house which should solve the problem of water logging on your landscape. Channel drains are drains made from concrete or steel which work to deplete the surface water quickly. We ensure the drains we install are sturdy and self-cleaning so that you don’t have to maintain it recurrently. Our channel drains are made to endure mechanical forces and are available at the most inexpensive price. Whether it is your garage, driveways, patios, walkways, swimming pool, tennis court or anything else, channel drains are an evergreen answer to expel surface water in a flash.

French Drains

French drains, too, are an extraordinary resolution to remove still water. They are often used to remove water from foundations of buildings, behind retaining walls, and wet areas of a yard. French drain work just as a channel drain. It allows all the stagnant water in a field or a building to seep into a drain and then readies it to be piped away. French drains are an efficient and cost-effective solution for water displacement and are used extensively. Pacific Landscapes has installed many French drains over two decades that still work impeccably today. If you ware facing the water logging problem in your building, backyard or anywhere else, we can help you. Drainage and irrigation systems are one of the most important things. They are an essential part of water management that helps keep our garden or landscape clean, green and beautiful. Pacific Landscape’s irrigation and drainage services take care of all the drainage and irrigation needs. It is our passion and love for our work that makes us so spontaneous. Whenever you call us, we are available for your service. We want you to have the best drainage and irrigation systems possible so that you can focus on more important things in your life.

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