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Xeriscape is a kind of landscape that restricts the demand for water supply to plants. The purpose of creating xeriscapes as opposed to a typical landscape is to have a landscape that is pleasing, efficient, charming and not at all thirsty! Xeriscapes are known to preserve water which helps keep the plants healthy and strong. They also help you save time that you would have spent on gardening otherwise.

Low water planning

Planning your garden is equally vital as creating one. Our team helps you in doing that as well! While planning your garden, we not only recommend you plants that are best for any garden and look mesmerizing but also those which absorb minimum water. Our service also helps you figure out a way to place your plants in an effective way that makes it easy to water them. We can also help you make a way for drainage for excessive water.

Flower Garden

Your garden is unique and must be only created by a specialist. Pacific Landscapes offers you a customized solution for a personal oasis of your own. We can provide you with a garden that is tailored to your likings and made exclusively for you. We can take care of the soil and ensure that every plant is healthy and bear fragrant flowers!

Vegetable Garden

If you intend to create a mini-farm for you in your lawn, we will help you do just that! We have worked untiringly and have successfully managed to give beautiful vegetable gardens to many of our happy customers. Our team of skillful workers knows what to do and how to do. Let us create a stunning garden and plant seasonal vegetables for you. If you wish to plant legumes of your own choice, then we’ll leave you with a perfect soil bed rich in minerals.

Artificial Turf

Creating artificial turf is our forte. It is one of the most sought after services. It is due to numerous benefits of artificial turf that reflects into rising demand for installation of artificial turf. We offer full installation of artificial turf and also scheduled maintenance. Our turfs are realistic, vivid and are made from the finest synthetics to ensure a long life!

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