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Best Walls & Fencing in Sacramento

If you are looking for a fencing contractor near you, look no further because fencing specialists at Pacific Landscape are here for you! We are a leading wall & fencing organization in California; we offer our clients the best and the trendiest fencings that are strong and inexpensive.

We understand that the needs & choices of fencing differ from person to person. Hence, we offer a wide range of fencing services that you can opt according to your need & requirement.


Wood Fencing is one of the oldest and classiest options to gift your house a vintage look & feel. At Pacific Landscapes, we provide you the best of our wood fencing services that can easily be customized in various size and shapes as per your needs & and liking. Just speak with one of the specialists, and they will give you the best recommendations to revamp your walls and fencing.

Pool Fencing plays an essential role not only for safety & security purposes but also to render an upscale look to your pool area. At Pacific Landscapes, we offer you varieties of options that can not only help you decor your pool area but also make it safer. All you need is to tell us the type & size of your pool, and we will ensure you get the best possible design.


If you are looking for something durable, affordable as well as something that can last for years, rock fencing can be your thing. We, at Pacific Landscapes, offer you a fantastic range of rock fencings that can add a natural touch to your out yard. The best part about rock fencing is that it needs almost no maintenance as compared to other varieties of fencing. Rock fencing also gives a luxurious look to your home and is durable than any fencing available on the market.

Seat wall

Rock Seat walls can amazingly compliment your out yard rock fencing. These are merely made up of short walls with a purpose to give you a comfortable sitting area. So for getting an enticing design of seat wall that can go well with your wood or rock fencing, call Pacific Landscapes now!

Concrete Fencing

If you are looking at something that is extremely enduring, concrete fencing should be your top priority. Concrete fencing looks like a concrete wall that is solely made to protect your area. However, we at Pacific landscapes, believe in making your yard look beautiful and fantastic in combination with design & durability. Hence, we offer you amazing designs that enhance the beauty of your area like never before.


Pillars acts as a great addition to your yard architecture. You can make it look robust, stubborn and yet immensely beautiful. They are an excellent way to decor the simplest of backyards. Our experts can assist you with concrete pillars that are not only stunning but are super-strong as well.

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