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Best Water Features & Fountains in Sacramento

Outdoor Water Features & Fountains can be a phenomenal expansion to your private or business place. This can elevate the magnificence of your surroundings along with accompanying many extra-advantages. They act as a natural filtration, keep our environment cool as well as help get rid of stress & sleeping problems.

Pacific Landscapes strongly believes that these factors play an essential role in a healthy environment. Hence, we assist you with fantastic water fountains in two varieties which can not only upgrade the beauty of your area but also makes your surroundings peaceful.


Fountains can be a fantastic choice as an addition to make your backyard look stunning. As specialists, Pacific Landscapes provides you the best of fountain designs that can compliment your residential as well as commercial backyard area. Call us now to renovate your backyard into a relaxed & peaceful place and step back to it when you are searching for a break or when you are eager to chill with your dear ones in the freshness of water fountains.


Similar to fountains, waterfalls can also be a unique addition for your backyard. They hold the same significance of water fountains but offers a different look and feel for your garden. Also, we at Pacific Landscapes, assure you to assist you with a beautiful waterfall design that can upgrade your garden or yard like never before!

We understand that there are numerous choices to be made when you are looking to add up a new waterfall such as style, location, pond, location and much more. These decisions can be tough. However, that's precisely why we are here. We have complete knowledge and experience and can help you make the best out of choice. Hence, We at Pacific Landscape assures you to recommend you the best one that suits your need!

Types of Water Features & Fountains we offer

  • Backyard Waterfalls
  • Outdoor Waterfalls
  • Pond Waterfalls
  • Pondless Waterfalls
  • Wall Water Features
  • Outdoor Fountains
  • Patio Water Features

Choose the one which you are willing and like or call us for availing the best options. We assure you that we will suggest the best one that suits your budget, need & area excellently!

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