Transform Yard Work into a Fun Family Activity

Even everyday chores can be quite enjoyable when you achieve them together as a family. You don't have to dread the day when you have to do each one of those chores and outside jobs such as cultivating flowers, raking dead leaves, and weeding; immediately turn them into fun games with your family, and you will actually be enthusiastic about doing them! Some of these tasks may be things which even your smallest children will be capable of doing, and they're sure to love getting to participate in helping out with the grownups. Doing your outside chores as a family not only can make things more fun and interesting, but also assists you to greatly decrease the amount of time it will take to get everything done. The next occasion that you find yourself with a beautiful weekend afternoon and outside chores that have got to be done, elect it to be a family yard work day.

Yard Chores which Work Nicely as Family Activities

Nearly any outdoor chore that isn't dangerous could turn out to be a candidate for your family yard work day. If you make things fun and turn them into a game, then your kids will take pleasure in the things that you think of as hard and boring, like pulling weeds or raking dead leaves. Declare a race to see who can take the least amount of time to rake up the biggest load of leaves. Or, give everybody a work bucket, announcing the first person to completely fill their bucket with pulled weeds as the winner. Planting the vegetable garden is another activity that may be fun when worked on as a family. You could even assign a unique vegetable or row of plants to every person in the family, and make it so that this is a summer long pastime. Take pictures of your garden while the summer continues, exhibiting them in picture frames to boost the children's pride in their particular garden space. You could also develop other competitions, such as who can collect the most snap peas, or whose section of the garden has got the smallest amount of weeds. It will not be long before your kids will actually be excited about getting to work in the garden. At the end of the season for growing things, you can enlist everyone's help with planning next year's garden at a family meeting. As the cold winter goes on, you can hold meetings every week or month to make plans for the garden. Even when it's cold outside, it may surprise you how much it will cheer you up to look at garden seeds in catalogs.

Preserving Family Yard Work Day Memories

Just as it is with other family functions, it is important to sustain some of your memories through photographs, journals and other mementos. One thing you may do is record the progress in your garden's growth in a garden scrapbook. You may choose instead to gather several pictures of your family doing chores outside, and display these as a collage inside a picture frame. Not only will you enjoy looking back at these memories, but your children will certainly take pleasure in looking back at them as well, especially as they grow older.

Just remember, your perspective is really what determines whether or not daily chores are a fun thing for your family. So get out there and get that work done, and make some awesome memories with your family in the process!


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